Breaking ground in the fall of 1999 the first stage of this work to build the present home of CCF was completed in March 2000 and finally a dedication of the finished building in June 2002.

Pastor Richard Fox and his wife Saby.

Presently under the leadership of Pastor Richard Fox, his wife Saby and their children Joel and Rebecca they have a heart to serve God and see the Kingdom advanced here in Cayuga.

As a church we are under the “banner” of Anchor Ministerial Fellowship through whom our Pastors are ordained. Anchor is a recognized ordaining body licensing over 140 ministers in Ontario, other parts of Canada and the world.

Along with providing legal recognition, they realize that each minister also requires spiritual and practical support. Their mission is to help each of there members successfully fulfill his/her ministerial call.

Anchor believes that this is best accomplished through fellowship that is based on one to one relationships. They therefore stress and encourage a network of life-giving relationships rather than a reliance on organizational structure.

At CCF we have a Board of Deacons that manage the church and any issues or concerns that you might have with the practical running of the church can be brought to these directors who each are responsible for a different area. Deacons are nominated to stand by the Board members as needed and the ‘position’ is fulfilled as long as the person is willing and of course their life and beliefs are consistent with our statement of faith. We also have a Board of Elders that meet together with the Pastor to talk and pray about the spiritual needs of the church. Deacons and Elders can be found on the church directory.

The purpose of CCF and this building has not changed from its original goal- that we would not only inhabit a building but more significantly, be a people for God to inhabit and wherever we meet and whatever we call ourselves, be a people who glorify God by loving Him and each other.