Our vision at CCF can be summed up in this phrase, Connecting with purpose. We hope that it becomes more than just a phrase but a way of life as together we seek to lift up the Name of Jesus.

We desire our ‘members’ to participate in our Sunday worship, and be prepared to serve Christ, one another and the community that we live in.

We desire ‘members’ to be involved in small groups (Life groups-Living In Fellowship Everyday!), within the church, providing fellowship and encouragement to each other as they seek to grow in Christ likeness.

We believe that it is more important what we are, than what we call ourselves. We therefore seek to find joy, purpose and fulfillment through relationship with Jesus. We desire to find fellowship with all those who believe in the Lord Jesus in sincerity and truth, regardless of church background. Our beliefs and practices are based firmly in the Bible and historical Christianity.

The emphasis of our ministry is not on buildings, rituals or traditions but on people who share the life and love of Christ together. We desire to provide times of corporate worship, fellowship, teaching and prayer so that each Christian may reach their full potential in Christ.

We seek to build Christ’s character in individuals, marriages, and families so that we may please Him and have a beneficial effect on our community.

Connecting with purpose, is connecting to Christ, Connecting to each other and Connecting to community!